Our centre of expertise:

The Kaiserhafen in Bremerhaven

Maritime centre for top services

All strings are pulled in Bremerhaven.

From Bremerhaven, MWB Power is active worldwide. This is where the Excellence Partner Network has established a competence centre for the repair, retrofitting and conversion of ships and engines.

This network comprises more than 100 trades relevant to shipbuilding and plant construction. This enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive one-stop service. The close cooperation in Bremerhaven gives us the opportunity to combine work and to efficiently use repair times at shipyard or dock stops.


Our Partner Network

excellence in ship & engine

Engine and LED Services

  • MWB Power, Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen

Conversion. Repair. Retrofit. Maintenance.

  • BREDO Dry Docks, Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen, Bremerhaven-Fischereihafen und Cuxhaven

Harbour and Voyage Repairs

  • Rotterdam Ship Repair, Bremerhaven-Fischereihafen

Optimally positioned

MWB Power & Partner

MWB-Power-GmbH standorte
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