ENGINE SERVICE +49 471 9450 105

GOVERNOR SERVICE +49 471 9450 224

Engine serivce

Service for ship diesel engines, truck and train diesel engines and stationary applicaitons

Governor service

Everything under control.
Onshore and offshore.

LED Service

Perfectly lit:
More light and more power with LED.

  • Worldwide Engine and governor service for ships and stationary installations
  • Maintenance and repair for diesel engines
  • Maintenance and repair for marine and land vassel gearboxes
  • Alignment checks and ajusting
  • chokfast certification
  • Spare parts distribution for mechanical controllers
  • Projectmanagement für LED assambly
  • Industrial assembly LED-lighting in Germany
  • programming light controllers
  • Optimally equipped workshops
  • Unique Excellence Partner Network



LED Lighting

MWB Power is there for you:

24h Hotline Engine Service: +49 471 9450 105
24h Hotline Governor Service: +49 471 9450 224
24h Hotline LED Service: +49 471 9450 106

At your service

Expertise and service at the highest level

MWB Power is your service provider for all tasks related to control, protection and injection technology. With our qualified service technicians, we offer a worldwide service for troubleshooting, overhauling, assembly and conversion of ships or stationary equipment.

Governor Service

Woodward BusinessPartner MWB Power Logo

As a Woodward Business Partner, we can provide spare parts for controllers as well as virtually the entire Woodward product range:

  • Authorized dealer and repair center
  • Mechanical and hydraulical governors
  • Overhaul for steam turbine equipment
  • Electronical control systems for engine applications
  • Woodward IPCS product range
  • Sales, engineering and servicing for steam turbine plants
  • Woodward gas engine equipment
  • Fuel injection technology

Engine Service

  • Maintenance and repair for diesel engines
  • Maintenance and repair for marine and land vessel gearboxes
  • Perfoming aligment controle and adjusting
  • Chokfast certification


  • Programming of lighting controller
  • Projectmanagemet
  • Startup commissioning
  • Industrial moutning LED-Ligting Germany

As a sales and service partner, we guarantee high quality and a comprehensive 24/7 service. We also advise you in all matters of industrial LED lighting an realize industrial assembly for the conversion of LED-Systems throughout Germany including light controller and control cabinets.


MWB Power & Partner

Customers from all over the world benefit from technical maritime services from a single source. MWB Power is an expert for governors and LED.  BREDO Dry Docks manages all docks of the network and stands for repairs and maintenance of ships of all kinds. German Ship Repair is your contact partner for mobile 24-hour service for port and travel repairs. Together, we ensure the highest level of competence, reliability, flexibility and performance.