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MWB-Power GmbH is strategically repositioning itself in the field of protection technology

MWB-Power GmbH has strategically repositioned itself and will become the protection technology divisionwith the office in Kempen on June 30, 2020. However, as usual, you can still use a wide range of Woodward products and productsof the newly renamed SEG Electronics GmbH (formerly Woodward Kempen). Here we can youalso offer parameterized protective devices in cooperation with SEG. In the future we will work with partner companies for conversions (modifications) and protection testswork together and can continue to offer you an all-round service. [more]

Press release | 20.03.2020
Remote monitoring for your CHP

We guarantee the monitoring of your BKHW around the clock. We will be happy to assist you so that you can operate your CHP unit smoothly. To work trouble-free and with optimal performance, we use remote monitoring via VPN tunnel. In the event of a malfunction, our service staff will receive an email from the service portal and can intervene promptly. The e-mail can also be sent to the control room or to an employee of your choice. In addition, parameters from the system can be viewed at any time via the portal. In order to increase performance and optimize security, our server was renewed in 2019.[more]

Press release | 03.03.2020
MWB Power GmbH new market segment in LED technology

Retrofitting soccer fields[more]

Press release | 05.02.2020
Woodward UG 25+ as exchange unit

The MWB-Power GmbH can deliver UG 25+ Governor on exchange base or as recondition unit.

Press release | 26.01.2020
2019 Modification of an emergency generator from Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH

The existing AMG2 control system from Leonard Reglerbau Stuttgart were been replaced by the latest generation (3200XT) of the Easygen series. The engineering, the modification, the parameterization and start-up were realised by MWB-Power.[more]

Press release | 14.05.2017
Strengthening the site with a competent partner

Zeppelin Power Systems and German Dry Docks form MWB Marine Services GmbH[more]

Press release | 15.05.2017
MWB Marine Services GmbH: Strategische Neuausrichtung mit starkem Partner
Grünes Licht für die Motorexperten

Die Motorenexperten in der Bremerhavener German Dry Docks AG (GDD) können Gas geben. Zum 1. Juli nimmt die MWB Marine Services GmbH ihre Arbeit auf. Die Kartellbehörden haben grünes Licht für die strategische Neuausrichtung gegeben. Mit der Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH & Co KG (ZPS) aus Hamburg hat die Motorensparte der GDD Gruppe einen starken Partner an ihrer Seite. Das neue Unternehmen verbindet am Standort Kaiserhafen die Tradition der MWB Motorenwerke Bremerhaven mit Antworten auf die künftigen Herausforderungen in der internationalen Schifffahrt.[more]

Press release | 25.04.2017
Exceptional unloading at the Bremerhaven container terminal

The conversion of the "WES AMELIE" from WESSELS Reederei GmbH & Co. KG to LNG is an important pilot project with an exemplary character.[more]

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