Governor service

Our service technicians identify, analyze and correct any defect.

Our range of services

Mobile, reliable and extensive service

Our global governor service for engines and turbine units includes mobile emergency service, maintenance, repair and the sale of spare parts.

Serviceleistungen auf einen Blick

  • Worldwide service on ships and fixed installations
  • Authorized workshop with 3 test beds
  • Sale of new equipment and spare parts for engines and turbines
  • Mechanical and hydraulic replacement control units
  • Conversion of mechanical to electronic control

Wartung, Instandsetzung und Reparatur 

MWB Power has 60 years of experience in the governor service. We provide global service with qualified service engineers for troubleshooting, overhaul, installation, replacement and the repair of regulators, as well as conversions on ships or stationary equipment. With our qualified staff, we can offer this service worldwide. In our workshop with three test stands, mechanical regulators are repaired, tested and adjusted according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Short lead times in the workshop ensure a quick return of the equipment.

As a Woodward Business Partner (AISF certificate), we can not only offer you spare parts for mechanical controls, but almost the entire range of products for engines and turbine units. With our extensive spare parts warehouse and quick access to Woodward parts, we make repairs in the shortest possible time.

In addition, we can offer a replacement unit for common controller types. The replacement is carried out by our service technicians or by the crew on the ship or the installation. After the old device has been returned, we disassemble the controller to check all parts. Only required spare parts will be charged. This service includes Woodward, Regulateurs Europe, Zexel / Kiki and Yanmar products as well as Russian products. Spare parts for the manufacturers Regulateurs Europe, Zexel / Kiki and Yanmar are also on offer.


Woodward Engine systems for ships and permanently installed devices

  • UG 8/10/15/40 – Governors / Actuators
  • UG MAS – Governors
    PGA 12/58/200/300/500 – Governors
  • PGA-EG/PGG/PGG-EG – Governors
  • SG/PSG – Governors
  • 3161 – Governors
  • UG 25+ – Governors
  • EPG/ Stellantriebe 512/524 – 1712/1724 Systeme
  • ProAct I/II/II/IV Systems Woodward Injection technology

Woodward turbine systems

  • UG 8/10/15/40 – Governors / Actuators
  • TG – Governors / Actuators
  • PG-PL – Governors / Actuators
  • SG/PSG – Governors
  • UG 25+ – Governors
  • TM – Governors
  • Hydraulic boosters
  • CPC – Converters

Your contact

Martin Machner

Martin Machner

Sales governor service

Telefon: +49 471 9450 – 243


Woodward governor systems for engines and turbines

  • 2301A/D /E – Load distribution and speed governors
  • 505-Series – Steam turbine controls
  • Atlas – Control
  • MicroNet – Control
  • Peak 150 – Control
  • Protech – Control
  • UG 25+ – Governors
  • EPG/Actuators 512/524 – 1712/1724 Systems
  • ProAct I/II/II/IV Systems
  • 723/733 – Control

Repairs and spare parts sale for the following manufacturers

  • Regulateurs Europa – 1102/1115/1104
  • Yanmar – NZ61
  • Zexel/Kiki – RHD 6/10
  • Andere Hersteller auf Anfrage

Retrofit Woodward 2300E Control


Retrofit Woodward 2300E Control MWB Power GmbH


Our centre of expertise in Bremerhaven

Your address for technical-maritime services from a single source

MWB Power map Ziel Destination
  • MWB Power GmbH
    Barkhausenstr. 60
    27568 Bremerhaven, Germany
    Phone +49 471 9450 – 0
    Fax +49 471 9450 – 277


  • 24h Hotlines for all emergencies:
    Engine-Service: +49 471 9450 105
    Governor-Service: +49 471 9450 224
    LED-Service: +49 471 9450 222
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